New Zealand Reggae-Soul Legends Kick Off North American Tour In June

Long established as one of New Zealand’s finest acts, South Pacific reggae-soul legends The Black Seeds return in 2017 with their long awaited 6th studio album and first single “Better Days,” out May 19th. It will be released in North America in partnership with tastemaker indie label Easy Star Records, who has handled the entire catalog of The Black Seeds in this part of the world since 2010.

While firmly based in the island grooves that inspired the birth of the band nearly two decades ago, The Black Seeds’ sound casts a wide net, layering funk, soul, Afrobeat, and other eclectic elements over their dub/reggae foundations. It’s “contemporary groove music with influences from soul and funk and reggae rhythms – and even rock,” explains guitarist/vocalist Barnaby Weir.

Lead track “Better Days” is a Black Seeds classic and an exciting taster of what is to come from the new record. Rich with chugging guitars and soothing vocals, the track is warm with a positive message:

Better Days are calling, lonely nights are leaving. I see Better Days are just around the corner. No, it won’t be long ‘til something good happens for ya.

“It’s a mantra for anyone who is struggling, to stay positive and not give up,” says Weir. “To strive for what’s important to you.”

Bringing reggae foundations into a contemporary space, The Black Seeds have written a summer must-have.

Described by Clash Magazine as “one of the best live reggae acts on the planet,” The Black Seeds’ legendary eight-piece live show infuses raw energy and good vibes wherever they go, fueling multi-platinum sales and a growing worldwide following. In fact, the band will be playing shows in the western half of the country and in British Columbia in June, including appearances at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and the Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival. Full tour dates are below.