Project Description


While the US reggae scene has only recently boomed with new bands expanding the boundaries of the genre, the UK has long had a tradition of home grown reggae acts. Easy Star Records proudly released the first full-length record by Backbeat Soundsystem, one of the bright lights of the latest UK reggae wave. Together Not Apart showcases the unique sounds of this up-tempo funky reggae 8-piece. Produced by the band’€™s singer and main songwriter, Dean Forrest, the record features 12 songs that demonstrate a sound somewhere between Steel Pulse and SOJA, with equal parts political, social, and romantic lyrics.

Release Date: November 11th, 2013

“Vines pulls together progressive and alternative rock, along with hints of reggae in a way that is unrivaled by anyone in music.” – The Pier Magazine

“Loaded with the kind of indie cred that easily gives it its street stripes, this is some wildly smoking stuff that not only is fun…but opens the ears and hikes the curiosity to dig further into the reggae treasure chest.” – Midwest Record

“Passafire’s blend of roots reggae, dub and rock is catchy and compelling. With fired-up electric guitar, common-sense lyrics and the kind of rhythm that fills dance floors, Passafire crafts universal music.” – San Antonio Express News