My friend is having stage 1 tongue cancer diagnosed with Well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma 2 weeks before and doctor advised for immediate surgery. Survival rates are often used by doctors as a standard way of discussing a persons prognosis (outlook). Understand what it means to have stage 1 oral cancer, including treatment options, stage 1 oral cancer survival rates, and other details. The most important area for tumour prognosis? ... squamous cell cancer of the base of tongue--a comparison of ... for Stage III and Stage IV Oropharyngeal Cancer. Prognosis describes how serious your cancer is and your chances of survival. Read about oral cancer stages. ... We stage oral cancer using The American Joint Committee on Cancers ... the tongue muscle, or bones such as the hard palate or jaw. ... Diagnosis6 Tongue Cancer Staging6.1 Stage 06.2 Stage I6 ... Tongue Cancer Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, ... Cancer Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis Stage 0 is the initial stage of tongue cancer, ... the cancer growth is unclear and can be referred as non invasive cancer. Stage 1. Learn more about the details of stage 2 oral cancer, including treatment options, stage 2 oral cancer survival rates, and other information. Oral cancer stages Tongue cancer prognosis varies depending on the stage of a patient. Survival rate becomes higher if the cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes of the nec Survival rates for stage 1 cancers are approximately 90%, ... Prognosis depends on stage and overall health. "My mom had stage IV tongue cancer. The doctors said her prognosis is good, but I keep reading that survival rates are low. How can I ease my fears?" ... cell carcinoma of the oral tongue 562 Chinese Journal of Cancer ... the prognosis of late stage carcinoma of tongue, ... carcinoma of tongue (Fig. 1). Prognosis of Tongue Cancer including probable outcomes, duration, recurrence, complications, deaths, and survival rates. Your options for tongue cancer treatment depend on the type of tongue cancer you have, its location and its stage. Tongue cancer or squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue ... Prognosis of Tongue Cancer ... likelihood of them being diagnosed at a later stage. Prognosis of Tongue Cancer: For those patients with smaller lesions, which have not spread to the lymph nodes of the neck, the prognosis is excellent. However, as the At the time of diagnosis and first treatment, ovarian cancers are assigned to a stage based upon tumor size, the involvement of lymph nodes and the spread to body parts beyond the lymph nodes. Disease-specific survival (DSS) is illustrated for patients with early stage tongue cancer stratified according to neck dissection (ND), pathologic lymph node (pN) status (negative [ve] or positive [+ve]), and postoperative radiotherapy (PORT). Stage 1 squamous cell carcinoma is the second stage of this common form of skin cancer. Early stage or localized (stage 1 or 2 ... Talk to your doctor about your prognosis. Metastasis from Oral Cancer: ... for accessible early-stage oral cancer (stage 1/2) with no lymph ... node metastasis in small oral tongue cancers. Treatment of base of tongue cancer, stage III and stage IV with primary surgery: survival and functional outcomes. ... TNM stage 1. 1. 2 2. 2. 3 3. 10. Several types of cancer grow in the tongue but squamous cell carcinoma is the most common. Squamous cells are thin, flat cells that line the mouth and other organs. There are two types of tongue cancer: Cancer of the oral tongue. The front two-thirds of the tongue that you can "stick out" is called the oral tongue. Cancer of the base of tongue. What are the stages of oral cancer? ... 1:11. See All Videos. Health Guide. See All .